Electric car Charger


How to get your recharge card:

1.- In person, at the offices of the city council, in hours of service to the public (9.00 h to 14.00 h)

2.- Fill in the application form, print it and take it to the city Council of Ascó, along with the technical specifications of the vehicle.

* For delivery of cards outside the opening hours to the public call the 629 740 840

Application Form


In all cases it will be delivered, at the same time of application, the charging card, which is free of charge and with an unlimited number of hours of use.

The City Council reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the conditions for obtaining and using the card.


Card Delivery points:

Offices of Ascó City Council

C/Hospital, 2

From 9.00 to 14.00 hours, Monday to Friday

Phone Number: 977 405 006

Surveillance service

C/Hospital, 2

24 h 365 Days

Phone Number: 629 740 840


How to use the charger:

1.- Get the card close to the reader located in the indicated area, under the screen.

2.-Choose option 1 or 2, depending on whether the vehicle is left or right.

3.-If you want to charge a car, plug in the side of the station. If you want to charge a bicycle or a motorcycle, open the front and plug.

4.-Once the vehicle is charged, to log out and unplug is necessary to return the card to the reader.


Malfunction Telephone:

Municipal Monitoring service: 629 740 840