Without a doubt it is, along with Sequerets Street, one of the most typical streets in Ascó. This balcony over the Ebro follows the old layout of the walls of Ascó. On Mola Street, the houses leave the corridor of walls free that were destroyed by bombings from the other side of the river during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. Nowadays you can still see some of these walls on Mola, Nova Square and on the streets of Cavaller and Trinquet. The walls of the squares and houses are made of stone and mud or, simply, of mud.

Mola Street, shaped like a horseshoe, retains the typical doorways of houses of fan-shaped bricks, clearly a Moroccan influence. From this location there is a magnificent view of the Ebro, Illes, Pas de l’Ase and Montsant in the background.