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We will sail along the Ebro river with the boat ‘Lo Roget’ and we will cross one of the most spectacular river landscapes of the Ribera d’Ebre, the Pas de l’Ase. In this small gorge, the Ebro makes its way between mountains, leaving unspoilt landscapes of great beauty behind.
Accompanied by technicians, we will get to know the spectacular geology and morphology of the river, as well as the flora and fauna that we will be observing along the route. We will hear the whisper of the water, observe and interpret nature, as well as the immense riparian forests and the abundant birds that inhabit it.
In addition to the information provided by the guides, visitors will also have at their disposal material such as telescopes, binoculars or visual guides in order to identify, with images, the species of fauna that live in this stretch of the river.
Kingfishers, white kingfishers, otters, mallards, river swallows and white herons are some of the animals that live in this area of ​​the Ebro river. Each visit is different and this is what makes this activity a great attraction for visitors. Depending on the time of year in which we do the route, we will observe some species or others.
We will finish with a taste of Lutra, a craft beer very well rooted in the territory thanks to its amazing ingredients: mint and licorice.