Discover one of the largest and most representative Morerias in Catalonia

A guided tour of the old Town is offered from Ascó tourist office. The aim of the visit is that the visitor will know the rich cultural heritage of Ascó related to the Muslim and Christian era and understand the urban evolution of Ascó during the medieval and modern period. The route passes through the most significant streets and buildings of the Moreria of Ascó (the original nucleus formerly enclosed by walls) and the Christian zone or university outside which will be configured in the walls with newly arrived Christian population after the Christian reconquest. The visit allows us to know the “perches”, the old medieval market, the house of the Comanador, the Voltes and Sitges, La Mola Street, the Sequerets Street, the church, the snow Well, Cal Pere Sans, Cal Cavaller and other buildings and corners of the village.

The visit must be arranged in advance at theoffice.


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