The Angel’s Procession is a local and unique version of the classic Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday processions. In Ascó, the Angel’s Procession is not really a procession but rather a para-theatrical representation andone of the most unique processions in Catalonia.

It has been performed since immemorial times and it stages the encounter between Mary and the resurrected Jesus, which is why it is always celebrated on Easter Sunday. The staging takes place in the main square (Plaça de l’Església) after mass and is accompanied by a guitar and violin score especially created by a local musician for the occasion.

A long white carpet is rolled out between the image of the Virgin and the image of the Blessed Sacrament. A little boy under the age of 7 from the village, dressed as an angel and carrying a white flag, walks in front of the Virgin towards the monstrance.. The girls who have celebrated their first Holy Communion during the year follow him.The boys who have recently been confirmed carry the image of the Virgin Mary on their shoulders and they bring it in front of the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of the representation, the little kids of the village throw flower petals.