Thanks to the work of the land and the care of its vineyards along with a great elaboration process, our local winery offers us high-quality wines that will surely bring you back memories of these lands full of hidden treasures.

With varieties such as Grenache Noir, Macabeo, Parellada, Carignan and Muscat, Celler Serra produces a selection of wines that go well with fish dishes, meats, snacks and desserts.

  • White ‘de l’Illa’ – Macabeo
  • Black ‘de l’Illa’ – Black Grenache, Carignan
  • Sweet black wine – Grenache noir
  • Muscat – Small grain muscat
  • Mellow wine – Macabeo
  • Balastrera – aperitif wine
  • Sparkling wine – Macabeo, Parellada

You can buy them at:


Carrer Joan XXIII, 1