Aixarafó walnuts, from regenerative agriculture, are cultivated imitating as much as possible the nature that surrounds us.

We do not use chemical or synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides; only biological products made of natural minerals.

We fertilize with these minerals and compost from chicken manure improved with rock dust and remains of plant material. We work following the lunar phases and promoting the full potential of the environment we have at our disposal:

  • birds, bats, insects, etc.

We encourage life on and in the soil to improve its resilience and fertility. We just let the plant eat whatever it wants whenever it wants. This way, we make the trees express their full potential, and consequently, the fruit has an exceptional mineral and nutritional richness. We flee from the standards set by marketing (color, size, external image) and we care about soil life, nutrition, and people’s health.

    You can find them at:


    Carretera de Camposines, 88