With the arrival of spring, the days get longer and the riverside landscapes that surround Ascó begin to take on a special color. We give you 5 ideas to enjoy Ascó during this time of the year that will allow you to discover the town’s heritage, with a mix of cultural and nature activities and gastronomy!

Hiking around Ascó

The increasingly pleasant temperatures and the omnipresent sun make it the ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities! What do you prefer: hiking around the banks of the river, to the top of a mountain or in historical places? There are so many options! In our article about hiking around Ascó you will find 8 different marked routes that will take you on amazing adventures. Do not forget that nature is our home and we must be respectful of the flora and fauna we encounter during our hikes.

Kayaking on the Ebro river

If you prefer water activities, one of the best ways to discover the Ebro river is going on a kayaking trip! Don’t forget your binoculars to observe the birds… The peaceful atmosphere and the diversity of flora and fauna will leave you in awe! From Ascó, you can go to Móra la Nova (around 3 hours) or if you feel like taking a longer trip you can go until Miravet (around 5 hours). Several companies in the area offer the rental service of single and double kayaks (highly recommended if you do the activity with children) and you can also sign up for an organized activity with an instructor. You will find all the information here.

Arts and crafts and oenology week-end

At the end of May, Ascó organizes the Arts and Crafts Exhibition. During an entire weekend, you will have the opportunity to transport yourself back in time to the medieval era and discover the artisan past of the town. The old town and the ancient Morisco neighborhood of Ascó, one of the most representative of the Catalan Ebro, are transformed into an open-air museum, where artisans from all over Catalonia show their art made with very different materials (glass, iron, plant stems, pottery…). It is the perfect opportunity to visit the village’s heritage! The little ones will have fun doing the handicraft workshops and attending the shows. The 2023 edition will take place from XX-XX May, 2023. If you are a wine lover, we have the perfect plan for you! After visiting the Arts and Crafts Exhibition you can not miss Tastavin’s! Here you will have the opportunity to taste wines from our region: DO Terra Alta, DOQ Priorat, DO Montsant and DO Tarragona.

Ebrelumen: Ribera d’Ebre’s video mapping festival

This audiovisual and nature festival was born in the spring of 2021. Every weekend from the end of April to the beginning of June, the villages of Ribera d’Ebre organize a video mapping in unique natural spaces. In Ascó, you will be able to enjoy this show that combines images and music on the banks of the river. During the time of the festival, theatrical visits of the castle and guided tours of the Battle of the Ebro are organized in Ascó. You will even get the chance to do a tasting experience on board “Lo Roget”! This year’s edition will take place from 14th April to 13th May 2023 in 10 different villages and the projection in Ascó will take place on 12th May 2023. You will find all the information about the festival and the program on the Ebre Lumen website.

Paella at the Santa Paulina hermitage

Santa Paulina is the patron saint of Ascó and has its own chapel. In the past, the hermitage was located at the entrance of Pas de l’Ase, next to the river, in a place where it is believed that there was an Ibero-Roman settlement. The local tradition explains that the statue of the Saint went down the river during a flood and got stuck on a rock where the original chapel was built.

Abandonment and the periodic flooding of the river caused it to disappear. In 2003, a new hermitage was built, in a forest area known as Mas de Prades, far from the river. Since then, every year around June 6 (Saint Paulina’s day), there is a celebration where a huge paella is cooked. If you feel like spending a day in nature and discovering a local festival, don’t hesitate to attend the event!

This year the popular lunch will take place on the XX of June. You can buy tickets at the Tourist Office.